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Retreat to Sadeh Farm

On Thursday 22nd June 2021, we visited Sadeh Farm in Kent to build a partnership and it proved to be a fruitful venture. We hope to enjoy this special relationship with Sadeh with our Religion School students and Young Adults 20+ and 30+ through tree planting conservation in winter and their fellowship program. 

 The Jewish community have been visiting the farm, previously known as Skeet Hill House, since the 1940s, when the Jewish Youth Fund purchased the site for The Brady Boys’ Club as a place of respite from the difficulties and dangers of life in the war-torn East End of London. The house was originally part of Lullingstone Castle and dates back more than 400 years. It is now the perfect Jewish Eco destination. Their gates are open to visitors and families – and the house is now a Kosher B&B and café, offering the perfect opportunity to take a break, to feel and learn more about the importance of the environment in Judaism. 

“My first Jewish youth weekend away took place at Skeet Hill House, more years ago than I care to remember. Imagine my delight to learn it has been reborn as Sadeh-the Jewish farm, under the inspirational leadership of Talia Chain. The WLS Green team visited this week and talked about partnership opportunities, the setting up of internships for young adults and planting opportunities for Religion School, to name but a few.” – Rabbi Helen