New North London Synagogue


Trees Planted So Far

NNLS is a founding member of JTree and we’re delighted to be part of this global Jewish initiative of Tikkun Olam.

God created a beautiful world and told us to guard it. We’ve destroyed so much, but by planting a tree, each of us can be a little piece of the puzzle that will rebuild the world we were given.

Ely Boyd, 12, who will soon be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah at NNLS. He has a passion for trees and is among the first JTree ambassadors.

I plant them for the pleasure they give today and the benefit of future generations.

Professor Victor Hoffbrand, who has planted nearly 2000 trees at the family’s home in Suffolk.

Since childhood I’ve loved trees. The Jewish mystics see creation as a mighty tree which nourishes all existence. Planting trees is something positive each and every one of us can do; it’s our contribution to the future of life. Yet we also need to learn restraint, respect and humility in how we consume and how we treat our planet.

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg