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We can act today, it starts with each of one of us. Whether you plant one tree, or thousands, makes a difference. Through JTree, we can plant the right trees in the right places in the right way.

Donations are shared equally among our experienced partners and a donation of £5 will plant one tree. Your trees will be added to the total number of trees planted by the Jewish Community in the UK, and you will receive a donation certificate.

Send the gift of a tree, donate for special occasions or life cycle events such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or to store carbon and include your dedication message which will be included in your certificate.

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    Example of certificate you will receive:

    1037 women have been trained on project planning and management and now possess the relevant skills and knowledge. 35123 tree seedlings were purchased and supplied to 357 women, helping them increase their food security, income and support their environment in the near future. 

    “Tree planting in my garden will support the ground and work as wind breakers. A measure to reduce soil erosion. Grow more trees, save the gardens and be free from hunger and poverty” 

     – Mbambu Constance, Bunyandiko Village, Uganda 

    The Woodland Trust’s project at Langely Vale First World War Centenary Woods will maintain existing woodlands and ensure the protection of their habitats, and transform the existing arable land into both a natural haven and a living First World War memorial.

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        והיה כעץ שתול על מים ועל יובל ישלח שרשיו ולא ירא [יראה] כי יבא חם והיה עלהו רענן ובשנת בצרת לא ידאג ולא ימיש מעשות פרי

    He shall be like a tree planted by waters, sending forth its roots by a stream: it does not sense the coming of heat, its leaves are ever fresh; it has no care in a year of drought, it does not cease to yield fruit.

    – Jeremiah 17:8