Our selected tree planting projects have been chosen for their integrity and effectiveness in sustainable tree planting. There is a balance between planting in the UK, and planting abroad.

We are also partnered with JTree USA.

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is a UK charity focussing on woodland conservation. It works by identifying areas of woodland that are under threat, then either campaigning alongside local communities to keep them, or purchasing them themselves. All Woodland Trust woods are open for the public to enjoy.


International Tree Foundation

International Tree Foundation works with communities in Africa and the UK to carry out sustainable community forestry projects which protect, regenerate and cultivate trees and forests to conserve habitats rich in biodiversity and to enhance human and environmental well-being.


SEED Madagascar

(Only through SAMS.) Project Ala is a 3-year conservation project being run by UK-based charity SEED Madagascar.  It aims to increase and improve viable habitat for three nocturnal species of lemur in Madagascar, partly through corridor reforestation – it plans to plant 10,568 trees.



JTree USA began in 2020, inspired by the leadership and teaching of  Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, and since then has planted approximately 28,204 trees through the National Forest Foundation.


The spirit that lives in the trees and all nature used to converse with people, for all life was created for companionship

– Midrash Bereshit Rabbah 13:2