UN 2023 report by IPCC – Act NOW!

The extent to which current and future generations will experience a hotter and different world depends on choices now and in the near-term.



The report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) yesterday underscores the need to address the climate emergency now, urgently. This synthesis of the most up-to-date science from a global community of experts adds yet more certainty, more data, and more detail to a simple truth: Unless we reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by at least 43% this decade, we are locking ourselves into a future of escalating climate extremes, food crises, and nature loss.

While there has been significant progress on the climate agenda over the past years, the IPCC report is clear: It’s the pace at which we decarbonize our societies that will determine our success. Unless we supercharge climate action this decade, the Paris Agreement goals will be lost.

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Overshooting will need expensive, unproven technology to pull CO2 from the air, something known as carbon capture.

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