Trees Planted So Far

עֵת לָטַעַת | Let’s plant

Donate To Plant Trees

As individuals or communities to have trees planted by our experienced partners. Your trees will be counted in the total number of trees planted by the Jewish Community in the UK. Send the gift of a tree, donate for special occasions or life cycle events such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or to store carbon, and include your dedication message and you will receive a donation certificate.

Register Your Trees

As individuals or communities, register the trees you plant and add to the total trees planted by the Jewish community. We will review your registration and once approved, your story will be shared with the community through our website and pinned on our world-wide map.

Get Planting!

Make a difference with your own hands! Learn how to plant trees, join one of our planting projects as individuals and communities or for Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects. Or start your own project and invite others in the community to join!

I found a fruitful world because my ancestors planted it for me. Likewise, I am planting for my children.

Ta’anit 23a / Read More Jewish Sources

JTree was conceived following a report by Professor Crowther, endorsed by the UN in the summer of 2019 on how many trillion trees were needed and, critically – where. We were launched at Tu B’Shevat 2020 in the UK and the US, led here by Jonathan Drori, Rabbi Wittenberg and others, and in the US by Hazon and Dr Ace Levene.

Our planting projects must be ecologically and ethically sound and must be for the benefit of the community. JTree’s partners are balanced between UK and abroad, they have been chosen for their integrity and effectiveness in sustainable tree planting.

JTree is a separate but partnership project to EcoJudaism, enabling communities who use the Environmental Audit to improve their environmental credentials through conservation, planting and community engagement.

Together with JTree the Jewish community can collectively add to the total trees planted, either through individual or community donations to plant trees through our partners for simchas and other special events. Or, as communities and individuals to register the trees they plant with their own hands and be counted!

We can and must act today. Together, across the globe, we can make a difference. We can help heal the earth.

Our Partners